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My mom's cat's firstborn escaped! She's a year old, but she only went outside one other time (yesterday). Should I be worried or what?
I feel asexual most of the time, but once every week I feel a huge craving for other women. What? And I'm romantically into dudes so????????????????????
I have several interpretations of Frisk, as well as their own universes. This is a true pacifist Frisk. I'm not sure if I'll make another. Who knows, I might.


Name: Frisk Frazo

Nickname(s): Child, kid, human

Gender: Male

Age: Varies

Species/What Are They: A small asian child

Soul (Color): Red

Sexuality: Straight (or what ya'll would call "demi-hetero")


Atc: Varies

Def: Varies

Exp: 0

LV: 1

Powers/Attacks: Random weapons

Weapons: Pocket knife

Fighting Style: Just dodge until they're too tired to move


Friends With: Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Asgore, Napstablook

Neutral With: Pretty much everyone

Enemies With: Chara Kyle

Family: Toriel (non biological mother), Alexander Frazo (father), Hotari Kyodan

Crush(es): Amy (fc)

Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who): Single and not looking for a relationship


Personality Towards Humans: Frisk is a human himself, so he treats them normally.

Personality Towards Strangers: Frisk treats strangers with respect and calmness. He won't give them any flattery, and he would never try to befriend them right then in there. He won't even show them a grin. He just acts casually.

Personality Towards Friends: Around friends, Frisk's a bit less distant and much more open. He'll say whatever's on his mind (as long as it's not TOO embarrassing or blunt). He still treats them with respect and he knows what he's doing. All that changes is he feels more trusting.

Strengths: He's able to read people, dodge attacks inhumanly well, and he's very calm.

Weaknesses: Strawberries (he's allergic), romance (his love for someone makes him decently vulnerable)

Flaws: Frisk isn't very good when it comes to things like romance. He knows nothing about mutual love whatsoever. DO NOT ask him for dating advice. He also finds it hard to use computers and type.  His responses are never good in messages anyway. Things like emojis confuse him. Like, a lot. He often doesn't know when to dress. "Should I wear a suit, or a sweater?" He can be a little awkward sometimes too.

Likes: Hamburger steak, potatoes, pie, books, thinking, daydreaming, learning, being social, rain, cuddles, genuine compliments

Dislikes: Silence, being alone, the cold, macaroni, fighting, technology, misinformation, bad portrayal of others, child abuse

Fears: While there's not much he fears, Frisk despises the idea of his friends dying. The effects of it differ for each monster though. If Napstablook died, he would feel a little off, but not sob. If Alphys died, he would tear up and mourn his loss for a few months. If Sans died, he would have tears streaming down his face, and mourn his loss around six months or so. If Toriel died, he would be sobbing beyond control and mourn her loss for almost a year.


Eye Color: Hazel

Clothes: His main outfit is a blue shirt with a hello kitty face on it (not joking), black sweat pants, and blue sneakers.

Hair: Dark brown chin length bob

Skin: Yellow (or any asian color really)

Other: None


Alignment: Good

Goals/Purpose: He struggles with his goals, but he's heavily considering becoming the CEO of some great company.

Job: None

Items: Varies


Backstory: Frisk hated humans. Hard to believe, I know. His parents never gave him attention and he had no friends. He was forced to learn tons about every subject thinkable, as his father had extremely high expectations. He had to do chores for everybody and say yes to everyone, as his mother was obsessed with reputation and respect. Frisk hated this life. All his life was at the time was work. And the only reason other kids didn't play with him was because he always needed to do something. He didn't struggle too much when it came to things like tests, and he was his school's smartest student. But his life was unbearable. He even tried to run away multiple times, but he would get dragged back to his home and beaten. He knew he couldn't tell the police, because his parents were doing nothing wrong. He couldn't tell his teachers for the same reason. His parents couldn't be bothered to get him a counselor, as they were to busy. Eventually he decided he would try to run away again. Neither of his parents were home, and the chance of them getting back so soon was slim. He remembered a legend he once heard. There were supposed to be monsters in a nearby mountain. He thought that the monsters could be his only escape. After an hour he reached the top of Mount Ebott. He was going to look down into the center, but he tripped and fell into the mountain.
My mom's cat's firstborn escaped! She's a year old, but she only went outside one other time (yesterday). Should I be worried or what?


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Transgenders are mocked too much
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I'm just a heterosexual mildly suicidal asshat. I love Pokemon and GTLive. Oh! All beliefs are welcome. (That means things like homophobia and racism.) I'm a huge Christian, k? Also I could be considered a furry. Now with that outta the way, I try not to judge but I WILL hate you if; You despise religion (or Christianity), you block people in arguments, or YOU THINK PEOPLE AGAINST BEING GAY ARE ASSHOLES. I will not state my views on the subject to avoid drama, but people are not "evil" or "jerks" just because they have a certain opinion. Having that mindset makes you an asshole in my eyes. R.I.P.P.Y

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